If Not Destiny...
Part 1 - by Bandbabe

Summary: Alternate universe fic. Michael, Tess, and Nasedo travel to Roswell after locating the others.
Author's Note: This is set 5 years after "One Of Us".
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot and original characters.

"If Not Destiny..."
Part 1

"Roswell, New Mexico. I lived so close but yet so far away," Michael commented.

"Funny how we end up right where we started," Tess said noting the irony of the situation. They were actually a few miles outside of Roswell. They were at the pod chamber. This was where they were 'born'. The pods looked exactly the same as the day they left them.

"We're leaving," Nasedo declared. "I booked a room at a hotel. It's has two beds so you will have to flip for one." He said with an underlining anger. He was always punishing them for what had happened. It was unsaid that he meant 'you will sleep in separate beds'.

They left and headed to the car. As they drove through the town, Tess looked out the window intently. After traveling from place to place all her life, for once her eyes were full of wonder. 'So this is where the others live,' she thought to herself. She wondered if would see them on the street. After he found him in Roswell, Nasedo brought pictures of the king. For as long as she could remember she fantasized about what he looked and how he was. Well, she knew what he looked like but she knew nothing else about him. She thought he was cute.

Michael looked at Tess. Well, the back of her head. She was sitting in the front seat and he sat in the back. They were never allowed to sit together. If one of them were driving the Nasedo would be in the front seat. Nasedo didn't trust the two of them together. Michael met Nasedo and Tess 5 years after he came out of the pods. They traveled all over the globe searching for the others and training in the process. They were only kids and Nasedo was not a parent in any shape or form. Michael and Tess grew up together and became best friends.

Michael didn't notice he was staring until Nasedo glared at him from the rear-view mirror. A few moments later Nasedo announced that they reached the hotel. They checked into the hotel and carried their bags to their room.

Once they were inside Nasedo said, "I know I've given this speech before but things will be changing. We are in Roswell now and I expect more from the two of you."

'When has he not?' Tess thought.

"You guys will start school tomorrow. I expect you to find the others. You do not have to speak to them just yet but get a sense of who they are. We will move into the house next week so keep that in mind," Nasedo continued. "Also you two will be brother and sister so act like it."

Tess rolled her eyes and suddenly found the floor interesting. 'Cheap shot,' Michael thought.

"Michael, Harding will be our last name so its-"

"Michael Harding, I know," Michael interrupted.

"You have anything else to add Michael?" Nasedo asked coldly.

"I was just saying that we know the drill. That's all," Michael said losing his defiant tone.

"Michael, this isn't practice. This is most important part of our mission so far so don't screw it up." The room was quiet for a moment.

"So with that said," Nasedo continued dryly and unaffected, "I will call the base and set everything in motion." Nasedo picked up the hotel phone.

"I'll get us some food," Tess said and left. Nasedo nodded at Michael to let him know it was okay for him to go with her.

"He's always bagging on me," Michael complained. For the pass few months Michael and Nasedo's relationship had been rocky. Usually everything was kept in check.

"I know," Tess sympathized. "But as soon as everything works out with the other two it'll all be okay." Michael was less than thrilled with that statement.

Michael stopped walking and turned towards her. "So do you really want this destiny thing to work out?" he asked directly.

"I want us to defeat our enemies. I mean then what's the point in all of this-"

"You know that's not what I mean," Michael said straightforwardly. He tenderly caressed her cheek. She looked down. She loved the feel of his touch but she gently removed his hand.

"Michael, there's no way that we can be together," she told him honestly.

"I know," he said. They walked silently the rest of the way to the restaurant.

To Be Continued...

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