"Long Distance"
Part 1 - by Bandbabe

Author's Note: This is extremely AU. Nothing that has occurred on the show has happened in this fic. The characters are pretty much the same but the history that has happened on the show is completely different.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot.

And so they drove. They drove out into the vast New Mexico desert out into the middle of nowhere. He glanced at her and found her looking back at him. He drove faster. This was their favorite thing to do. They didn't turn back until the sun went down and the stars shone brightly in the velvet sky.

* * *

'I wonder which one is ours.' Max Fuller sat up in his bed. He could hear Tess's voice so clearly in his head. He wished she were here. He shook his head guiltily. He didn't know how to feel about her. Correction - he knew how he felt about Tess. He just didn't know how he should feel about her.

He and Tess were very much alike. They both loved action movies and shared an affinity for cherry cokes with a hint of hot sauce, but aside from that they both weren't of this earth. They were aliens, to be more exact, who lived on Earth. They weren't sure where they came from, and didn't know how to get back. Max emerged from his stasis pod first. The door leading to the outside world was already open but he waited for Tess. The two were found later that day along a highway just outside of Roswell, New Mexico. They were separated once they reached social services and remain so for three years. Max cringed. Those three years were arguably the hardest of years of his life. However, on their first day at Las Cruces Middle School the two found each other once again.

He and Tess were also very different. Tess was the more outgoing one of the pair. She had this magnetic personality that just sucked you in. Max was quiet and content to stand in the background. She constantly dragged him from sitting in the corners to sitting in the center of the room. Though sometimes he put up a fuss, secretly he didn't mind it too much. Being with her caused him to see the world in a completely different way.

Tess was Max's best friend. She was the person he was closest to in the entire world but there was always this unanswered question than hung in the air. When they were younger it didn't matter much but now more and more it did.

Max got up out of bed. He wanted to see her.

* * *

"Coming!" Tess Meyers yelled as she approached the door. When she opened it she was greeted by Max's smile.

"Hey." He was holding a purple flower.

"Hi," she said.

"This is for you." He handed her the flower.

"Thanks," she told him. Max was always so sweet and thoughtful.

"So what's for breakfast?" he asked as he followed her towards the kitchen.

"What do you think?" she laughed. "The usual."

"Good morning everyone," Max said to her family.

"Morning Max," everyone said. They grew accustomed to his presence. Max and Tess had been friends since they were nine years old and Max was always around. They even had a spot at the table for him.

"Hey Max, I got to level eight of the Blake Stone game!" Tess's younger brother Brian said.

"Really?" Max said as he put some jelly on his slice on toast.

"Yeah. I'll show you after school," Brian added.

"I can't. I promised Mr. Taylor I'd work his lawn. I figured I might as well make some extra money before the trip," Max explained. "But I definitely have to see that before I leave."

* * *

Tess and Max rushed towards his car. They didn't want to be late for school. He started up the engine.

"One more day. Can you believe it?" Tess said excited.

"Yes because we've been talking about it everyday for the past month," Max said.

"I know but Roswell, New Mexico. It's the alien capital of the world."

"Yeah, to tourists," Max reminded her. She glared at him.

The Social Studies department at their school organized at 3-day-long trip to Roswell, New Mexico. Tess and Max eagerly signed up. Unlike most kids who signed up for extra credit, they were hoping to find some answers about their past. They doubted actual aliens lived in Roswell but just maybe they might find the clues they've been searching for their entire lives. Max was skeptical that they would actually find anything but Tess was so enthusiastic about it. He just didn't want her to get her hopes up.

To Be Continued..

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