"Long Distance"
Part 4 - by Bandbabe

Author's Note: This is extremely AU. Nothing that has occurred on the show has happened in this fic. The characters are pretty much the same but the history that has happened on the show is completely different.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot.

Part 4

"How about the Crashdown?" Randy Shimmel suggested to Mr. Graham. The group had been walking around for a half hour looking for a place to eat.

Tess visibly cringed. Could you get anymore cheesy? The restaurant had a crashed space ship the title sign. When she came closer she saw the waitresses wore alien antennae on their heads. This place wasn't only cheesy but offensive too.

"This place looks so cheesy," Tess complained.

Alex smiled at her. "That's what everything in Roswell is," he told her.

Max rolled his eyes.

* * *

"Oh, Miss!" a customer called.

Liz Parker turned around.

"Check please."

"Yes sir, right away," she said with a smile. It quickly faded as she walked away.

"Ugh! Tourist season is killing me!" she complained to her best friend Maria de Luca.

"I wonder what he's thinking. He has this whole tortured bad boy thing going on," Maria gushed. "This is perfect Liz. I'm so glad you hired him."

"I didn't hire him, Maria. My parents did," Liz reminded her. Maria had a crush – wait no, obsession over resident rebel Michael Evans. He was an enigma. No one really knew much about him, except that he had a huge attitude problem and that his sister was Isabel Evans. The two were like polar opposites. Michael was brash and mostly kept to himself. Isabel was very artsy and deep.

"Well, whatever. Liz, this is like the most perfect thing ever to happen to me," Maria declared.

"You might want to lower your voice or he might hear you."

Michael worked the grill in the kitchen. Maria turned pale.

"You think he heard me?" Maria asked.

"No! I was only kidding," Liz said.

"Good, because I would like die if that happened," Maria rambled on.

Liz looked to the door. A large group was coming in. They were mostly kids their age.

"Can you…?"

"Yes, I'll get it," Liz said. She grabbed some menus and walked over to where to group was sitting. "Hi, welcome to the Crashdown. Here are some menus." As she began handing out menus she noticed a boy her age staring at her. She thought he had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. His eyes were so expressive. When she finished handing them menus she hurried back to the counter.

"I saw that," Maria said.

"What?" Liz said defensively.

"You and that guy."

Liz pursed her lips. Maria hadn't been paying attention all day and she choose now to be insightful.

"He's cute. Not in a bad boy way but in a dark, mysterious way."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Liz denied.

"I see that twinkle in your eye," Maria insisted, "But what's Kyle going to say?"

Liz's words turned cold. "I don't care." She and Kyle Valenti had been dating for four months. They recently broke it off because Kyle needed ‘space'.

Maria instantly regretted bringing up Kyle.

"You know, he's probably a tourist," she said.


"Mystery man on the other side of the restaurant," Maria clarified.

Liz turned to look at him. She smiled. Maria was right, he was really cute. ‘To hell with Kyle,' she thought. She was going to live it up.

* * *

"I hate this place," Max whispered to Tess. It was like a circus. "What makes them think aliens have antennae?"

"Because maybe they do," Alex said. "You never know."

"And maybe aliens look just like you and me," Max countered.

"It still doesn't mean there aren't some with an antennae," Alex replied.

Just then a waitress arrived.

"Finally some service. I'm starved," Jennifer said.

Max sat back in his seat. His eyes drifted around the room. He was hungry but he couldn't wait until lunch was over. Then maybe he and Tess could get away from the rest of the group and start looking for answers. He looked the waitress's antennae. ‘It must suck to have to work in a place like this,' he thought.

"Here's a menu," the waitress said snapping him out of his reverie. He hadn't realized he'd been staring. He took the menu.

To Be Continued..

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