So Far Away

Part 1 - by Bandbabe

Author's Note: In this fic nothing passed "Max In The City" has happened.
Classification: Love Triangle (Max/Tess/Other)
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot and original characters.

140 Miles Out of Roswell, New Mexico - 5:27pm

"You know you might actually like Roswell," Mark Bridges said to his son. His son, Jake, of course wasn't listening. He was listening to his CD player and had the volume on 7. He had already grown tired of his "Matchbox Twenty" disc and resorted to watching the passing scenery. It was dull. The same sand and rocks and boring desert sky. It was near dusk and the sight of the fiery sky would have been breathtaking for anyone else. All Jake could think about is how much he wanted to spend his Christmas vacation skiing with his friends in amazing Colorado. Instead he had to travel hundreds of miles with his annoying family to his annoying Aunt's house in annoying Roswell, New Mexico.

"Jake, are you listening to me?" his dad asked him and glared at him from the mirror. Jake rolled his eyes and looked away.

"Honey, can you at least try to have fun?" His mom, Shelia, asked him.

"Okay, mom," he answered. Yeah, right. His younger siblings Amanda and John were fighting and kicking the seat. Thank goodness they had a minivan. John was 13 and Amanda was 12. They should be more mature. Should be.

Roswell, New Mexico at 9:07pm.

Jake's Aunt Reba was a widow. Her husband, Bart died 16 years ago. He was a deputy. Can you believe in this sleepy town he actually died in the line of duty? Aunt Reba and Uncle Bart never had any kids so on holidays she would drag some relatives to her place. It was His family's turn.

"Oh you all grew up so big!" Aunt Reba exclaimed. She pinched John and Amanda's cheek. Jake chuckled.

"Hi Reba," Jake's mom greeted Aunt Reba. His dad also greeted his sister. Then Aunt Reba made her way to Jake. One thing he hated were sloppy kisses on the cheek from relatives.

15 minutes later Jake was ready to make his way out of there.

"Mom, I'm going out," he yelled as he walked towards the door.

"Wait! Where are you going? You hardly know this place. The last time you were here you were 7," she said among other mom things.

"Mom, I'll be okay. I'm 17 now. Besides this is Roswell. What's out there? Aliens?" he laughed. She smiled.

"Okay, promise you'll be back by 10."



"How about 11. Let the boy live a little. He can take care of himself," Aunt Reba said. It was one of the few times he didn't mind Aunt Reba getting the way. His mom reluctantly agreed.

"Thanks Mom," he said and kissed his mom on the cheek. He went out the door.

After that he walked around. Roswell was a sleepy town. He found the main street. It was lined alien themed stores. "How cheesy," he thought. He saw a restaurant. He thought he could use some food.

Crashdown Café, 9:34pm

He walked into the place used all his strength not to laugh. "Well this is Roswell," he thought.

"Can I help you?" a brunette haired waitress asked him. She had a friendly smiled.

"Uh, I could use a menu," he said. She smiled and promptly handed him one. He looked for a place to sit and turned towards the counter. That's when he saw her. He could have sworn his heart skipped a beat. She was the most beautiful creature he ever saw.

Max Evans entered the Crashdown. He wasn't really there for the food but he didn't have much else do. It was the first day of Christmas vacation. He saw Tess and decided join her. They had much to discuss.

On his way to the counter he bumped into someone.

"Sorry," Max said and kept walking.

"Uh-huh," Jake mumbled. He was jolted out of his thoughts. He made up his mind to speak to the girl. She was drinking a shake so maybe he should ask her about the shake. He started his way over to her when the guy that bumped into him sat next to the girl. The girl smiled and they began a conversation.

"No," Jake thought. Was he her boyfriend? He hoped not. Jake went over to a booth and sat down. Admiring the girl from a distance.

"My Aunt and Uncle along with their twin terrors are coming for Christmas. I am probably going to get no sleep. They're also bringing their slides from Italy," Max said.

"Italy?" Tess asked.

"Believe me, they can make Italy seem boring," Max exclaimed.

"The Valentis aren't having any relatives over," Tess said.


"Well Kyle griping about having visit Grandpa Valenti. As far as I know, all the Sheriff has is his estranged brother," Tess exclaimed.

Following his delayed response she traced his gaze to a certain Liz Parker. Typical.

"I'm just gonna," he didn't really finished the sentence and went over to Liz. Tess concentrated on her shake, which suddenly didn't taste as good.

Jake saw the guy get up. He went to another girl. "So maybe they're not dating," he thought. If he didn't go now he would be glued to his seat all night. "Remember to ask about the shake," he told himself.

He walked over to the girl and sat on the stool next to her. He meant to say 'Hi' but when her eyes met her's he suddenly didn't have anything to say. He didn't know how to describe it. He knew he had a connection with this girl.

Tess never felt this way before. One look said it all. Rhyme and reason went on the window. Neither knew how long they stared into each other's eyes. It could have been one second or spread out over eternity. They would have been none the wiser.

"Anything else?" a perky waitress asked. "Oops, am I interrupting anything?"

"No, I already paid," Tess said. She grabbed her jacket and sped out the door.

Jake threw five dollars on the counter and went after her.

"Wait! I don't even know your name!" he called after her. The dark of the night provided no answers.

To Be Continued..

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