So Far Away
Part 3a - by Bandbabe

Author's Note: In this fic nothing passed "Max In The City" has happened.
I'm dropping the time from this point on.
As you can probably tell, this is a very long story. Chapters with be divided up if necessary. This part will be divided into 2 sections, 3a and 3b.
The lyrics are from the song "Step Inside" by Jewel Thieves.
Classification: Love Triangle (Max/Tess/Other)
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot and original characters.

Chapter 3: Great Expectations

UFO Center

"UFO Center," Jake said reading the sign. "Very Roswellian," he said. "If that's a word," he chuckled. They laughed and entered the building. When he entered the place he saw colored lights, green aliens and spaceships. It was quite odd for newbie.

"It's not really a restaurant but they have chips, cotton candy, hot dogs, stuff like that," she told him. "And they have a dance floor," Tess added.

"Let's go," Jake said and smiled. They headed to the dance floor.

Main Street

Michael, Isabel, Liz and Alex approached Max and Maria. They still hadn't found Tess but figured to search Main Street.

"Isabel do you know where she is?" Max asked his sister.

"I know she's on Main Street but I couldn't get much information," she replied.

"Okay Isabel and Liz we'll search south. You guys search north," Max decided.

"There they are!" Liz pointed out. Across the street Tess and 'Jake' were walking. They were laughing about something and entered the UFO Center before anyone had a chance to reach them.

The group waited for the light and then crossed the street. Next stop, the UFO center.

UFO Center

Next they were dancing. A song called "Step Inside" was playing.

This life is a test of vision
With your head out all over the place
Stand still, I'm still moving
With the tape stuck on still

Step Inside
You will always find perfection
Step Inside
Things will never, ever be the same

"You're a good dancer," Tess commented.

"Thanks," Jake said. "You know, your not so bad yourself."

Tess laughed.

"What?" He was lost.

"I just am regaining my skills from years of ballet instruction."

"You took ballet?" Jake asked curiously.

"Yeah. Why?"

"I used to dance-when I was way younger," Jake added quickly.

"Really? When?" She was surprised. He didn't look like the ballet type if there were such a thing.

"Up until 3 years ago," he said trailing off.

She smiled, being that 3 years ago isn't that long ago and looked into his eyes as they swayed to the music. A few moments later Tess asked, "So do you want to dance?"

"I though that's what we're doing," he teased. They laughed. "I'd like to but not here."

"No, not here."


"Over there," she point to the right.

He turned his head. "Over there?"

"Yeah. Behind the bookshelves."


He smiled at her and she led the way. Hand in hand.

UFO Center (Entrance)

They walked into the UFO center not knowing quite what to expect. They got held up for waiting for the light to cross the street but Alex spotted Tess and Jake. Then Brody showed up from out of nowhere.

"Hello Maria, Max, and everyone else," he said in his adorable English accent. Of course the rest of them, except Maria, didn't think it was adorable.

"Brody, hi," Max said politely but he was irritated.

"What are you doing here Max? Today's one of your days off," Brody inquired.

"I'm looking out for a friend. Look, Brody I have to go," Max told him and started to walk away.

"Wait!" Brody called. "You didn't pay," Brody said sternly.

The group stared at him for a second and started to come back.

"I'm just kidding, mates. Go look for your friend," he announced. Max nodded.

When they turned around there was no sign of Tess or Jake.

"This is just great," Maria declared.

"Tell me about it," Michael muttered.

"No, the alien colored cotton candy," she clarified. Max glared at her. "Sorry, I can be helpful. Now, what part of the UFO Center would you take your date?"

"This Jake guy isn't her date," Max said.

"If you say so," Maria dismissed him. "I got it, the new dance floor!"

"That dance floor isn't new. It just hasn't been used for a few years," Liz clarified.

"Anyway its worth a shot," Isabel said. The group headed towards the dance floor.

To Be Continued with part 3b...

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