She Left In The Middle Of The Night

By Bandbabe

Summary: Tess leaves Roswell
Author's Note: This fic explores what would of happened if Tess left Roswell like Future Max said in "The End Of The World". Therefore, "The End Of The World" episode so didn't happen. This is an alternate universe fic.
Disclaimer: Roswell is not mine! I'm borrowing the characters for a sec ;-)

She left in the middle of the night. She knew she had to get out of Roswell. Now she was on route 190 trying to hitch a ride out of Roswell. She had no idea where she was going. She had go to Albuquerque where, a bank of New Mexico was located. Nasedo set up a fund with at least five thousand dollars for her, just in case. With that money she at least could get started. She had a few hundred saved with her now.

She was 17 years old and her life turned out nothing like she had imagined. She spent most of it running and hiding, fueled on the idea that once she found the others everything would change. She would find her family and friends. People who loved and accepted her. She would no longer be alone. None of that happened. Her 'family' was suspicious and indifferent to her. Everyone there hated her, even her love.

He had always been loving towards her. They both had strong personalities but they worked as a team. Now he hated her and blamed her for everything wrong his life. Especially his destiny.

A silent tear fell down her cheek. She couldn't stay here. All of her life she put the mission or the 'greater good' above her own needs. Now she was determined to think about herself. If she didn't she would not be able to go on.

A truck pulled over to the side of the road. Tess picked up her bags.

"Do you need a ride?" a portly man with a long beard asked her through the rolled down window.

"Yes. Where are you headed?" she said.

"I can take you as far as Albuquerque."

"That would great," Tess said. She climbed into the passenger side. Moments later they were off. She was heading out of Roswell and Tess did not look back.

Back in Roswell:

Kyle Valenti grabbed a Mountain Dew from the soda machine.

"Oh crap," he muttered. He hit the machine. The machine did not give him back his change. He sighed and walked away. He spotted Isabel Evans at a nearby table.

"Hi Isabel," he said.

"Hi Kyle," she dryly but with an added hint of curiosity when he didn't leave.

"Have you seen Tess around lately?" he asked her.

"No. Why?" she said.

"Oh, I'm sure it's nothing. It's just that I haven't seen her since Saturday, so... I was just wondering," he said and left.

Max walked up to her after Kyle left.

"What was that all about?" he asked.

"Nothing really. He just asked if I saw Tess around."

"Why?" Max asked a little too quickly.

"I thought that answer was pretty self-explanatory." She looked at him. His gaze was fixed on Liz. He left the table.

In Albuquerque:

Tess walked out of the bank. She was able to transfer all of money in the account to one of the bank's partners, Chase/Manhattan Bank. Chase/Manhattan bank had more locations. She headed back to her motel room.

She sat on the edge of the bed. The bed was lumpy but it would do for tonight. Tomorrow she was checking out. She decided that she needed a car. She didn't want to hitch hike across the country. Besides, you never know who's driving. She laughed to herself. Ed, the truck driver, became a truck driver because he liked driving. A few months later the novelty of it wore off.

Tess started thinking what she wanted to do. She hadn't given it much thought before. Now the possibilities seemed endless.

In Roswell:

Kyle went into her room. Hadn't seen Tess since Saturday and it was now Wednesday. He wasn't one to invade someone personal space but he was worried.

It was funny, but the past few months all he gave her was space. After they did what they did, he got the feeling she regretted it. He certainly didn't. He just wished she would forget all about Evans. Kyle thought that he and Tess could have something real if she just gave him a chance.

Kyle looked around her room. For the most part everything looked normal. Her dresser looked a little bare. It looked like some things were moved. He tried to open one of the draws. It was stuck. He raised an eyebrow. He walked over to her closet and opened the door. Nothing was left except for a few hangers and a blue-green shirt she hated.

"She's gone," he whispered. He couldn't believe it. She wouldn't leave like that. Would she?

Kyle rushed into Crashdown. He found Michael and Isabel.

"Tess is gone," he told them.

"What?" Isabel said.

"What do you mean she's gone?" Michael demanded.

Kyle sighed. "She's not here. She left Roswell. Pick one."

"Do you know where she went?" Isabel asked.

"Not a clue," Kyle answered.

"She'll be back right?" Michael inquired.

They were all silent.

"So he doesn't know where she went?" Max asked.

"Max, we've been over this," Isabel said. Max, Liz, Isabel, and Michael were discussing this matter at the pod chamber.

"Why would she leave?" Liz asked.

Michael and Isabel both rolled their eyes. Isabel looked at Max. He knew more than he was letting on.

"Do you know why she left," she asked him.

"No, why would I?" he hissed at her.

"How will we fight whoever is out there without the four of us?" Michael ranted.

"We will. The three of us has what it takes," Max assured. "We're better off the 3 of us anyway," he added.

Long after the others left Max was still at the pod chamber. He was now trying to determine which pod was her's. He was certain it was the one at the bottom right. He lied earlier when he said they were better off without Tess. He knew they wouldn't even know this place existed if it wasn't for her. Still, what he said had some truth. Life was so much simpler before she came. He was okay with his place in the world. He was happy.

He also lied when he said he didn't know why she left. They had a big argument on Friday. But he didn't expect her to leave. He knew he shouldn't feel this way but it hurt that she left Roswell. She left him.

The End

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