By Bandbabe

Author's Note: This was written before season 2.
Category: Kyle/Tess
Disclaimer: Roswell is not mine! I'm borrowing the characters for a sec ;-)

It was 10 am and she was already there. To an outsider it may have looked like two friends laughing at a joke. To everyone closer it obvious there was more at play.

Every since Max had saved his life at the UFO center, Kyle Valenti had been open to the world of the aliens, especially Tess Harding's. Kyle noticed how sad and lonely she looked at the time. The other three had this incredible bond she would probably never get through. He felt bad for her, so he went over to her and talked to her.

Tess was glad someone cared. She didn't really know Kyle. She had only gone to the library with him as part of Nasedo's plan. She was lonely. In Kyle she found a good friend.

Kyle wasn't sure how it happened, but one day it became more. Before he knew it he was falling in love with her. He didn't want to lose her friendship so he kept how he felt to himself.

Tess was also falling for Kyle. She didn't know how to deal with it. Sure she liked other guys before but she had never really been in a relationship. Nasedo didn't want her getting close to or dating humans. He considered them inferior. He always told her about the prince. The one she was destined to be with. After a while she gave up on other guys and put all her hopes and dreams of love and companionship on the prince. That didn't work out so she was afraid of what may happen with Kyle. Wasn't he supposed to be inferior? No. Not Kyle.

After the joke they fell into a comfortable silence. Tess rested her head on Kyle's shoulder. He definitely didn't object. He put his arm around her and looked at her fondly. 'He's looking at me that way again,' Tess thought. She wanted to look back but instead she stared off ahead.

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