Part 4 - by Bandbabe

Summary:The journey begins..
Author's Note: This story is very long. It's very different from any other fan fic I have ever written. First, I wrote this on Notepad (the same program I use to write HTML for my various web sites) instead of Microsoft Word. I guess that deserves a mention because it gave the story a raw feel. Second, I totally did this story on a whim. I had the scenario in my head for weeks but I had trouble putting it on paper (so to speak). So I started writing it off the top of my head, never expecting to post it because I totally made it up as I went along. I hope it doesn't contradict itself or become repetitive too much. Third, when I see a really bad finale I feel compelled to rewrite it for peace of mind. Anyway, I know it author's note is way too long. On with the story.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot.


When they landed they were surrounded by a large army of soldiers.

"You remember what we discussed?" Max asked her. While traveling they forged a plan to get out of their immediate situation.

Tess nodded. "Yes."

Any second the door would fly open and they would have to deal with Kavar's soldiers outside.

* * *

"The royal four won't know what hit them," Kavar said confidently as he looked through binoculars to the granolith in the distance.

"Excellent plan, sir," Kavar's assistant Ang commented.

"Yes. Antar is mine now and forever," Kavar praised himself.

* * *

When the door opened everything happened so quickly. Before the soldiers could react Max hit them with blast of energy. He followed up this move by pushing them back with his shield while Tess punched in code on the side of the granolith that reduced it to the size of a wristwatch. Minutes later they were able to escape to the woods.

"Wait!" Tess sat down on a fallen tree log. They had been on the run for hours, making their way through the forest. The soldiers had lost them quite a while ago but they were trying to put as much distance between themselves and Kavar's army as possible.

Max ran back. "Tess, I know you're tired but we have to keep on moving." They only had another hour or two of daylight left. The good thing about Antar was that there were more hours of daylight than on Earth. Perhaps it was because Antar had 3 suns.

"I know but can't we rest for a few minutes?" she said. It was more of a statement than a comment.

Max sighed and sat down next to her. He understood she needed to rest. She was pregnant and to make things worst they hadn't eaten since they were on Earth. Max felt helpless but he knew they had to get as far away as they could.

Max studied his surroundings. He saw a Paya tree. He wasn't sure how but somehow he knew Paya fruits were edible. Paya fruits were purple and orange colored fruits about the size of a tennis ball.

Max took a one off a nearby tree. "Want a Paya?"

Tess smiled. How could she have forgotten about Payas? They used to be one of her favorite fruits. "Sure," she said.

Max handed her one and took one for himself. "I think there's a settlement not too far from here. A little while back I noticed some foot trails. Someone has been around this forest recently," he told her.

Tess nodded and bit into the paya fruit. She was surprised Max remembered.

* * *

Not more than an hour later they found Max's hunch to be right. They had reached some kind of camp or base. Tess & Max cautiously moved closer to get a better look but it was night time and they couldn't see much.

"Now what? Call me crazy but I don't think we can go up to the door and ring the doorbell," Tess whispered.

"See those two soldiers over there?"


"They look like us. I don't think it's a skin base," Max said. The skins looked like humans on Earth because of their husks but on Antar they looked very different. Skins were tall -- seven feet at least -- and they had a very distinct smell. Their actual skin was a dull grayish-blue color.

"Yeah but-" Tess suddenly stopped. Max look over at her.

"That symbol. I recognize that symbol. I think their on our side," she said.

Max looked over to the symbol. The same symbol were on both doors of the gate. It seemed oddly familiar to him also. But he wondered if they should risk it.

"Do think it would be safe?" he asked.

"I'll be safer than hiding out in this forest."

Max took a deep breath. "Okay, let's go," he said and helped her up from where they were crouching and walked towards the gates.

* * *

Parek Jass begrudgingly nibbled on his Kaller sandwich. He hated working the night shifts. Truth be told the nights freaked him out because you couldn't see everything and nothing was ever how it appeared to be.

"Well old man, are you going to offer a piece of that sandwich?"

"Shut up Gordin," Jass retorted.

Gordin laughed. "You know I'm only joking with you, Jass."

Jass didn't like Gordin at all. He found Gordin to be an arrogant young man.

"Tonight might be a crazy night. The northside army reported an influx of Kavar's troops a few miles from here."

"So I heard," Jass said quietly and concentrated on finishing his sandwich. Gordin had too much enthusiasm about combat for him. The thought of a confrontation terrified Jass. Antar wasn't ready for a major war. Antarians weren't united and the effort to do so would be too great because communication was difficult.

Jass nodded as Gordin rambled on but something near the brushes caught his eye.

"What's that?" Jass asked.

"What?" Gordin asked unaware.

Jass was about to point but he froze in shock when he made out what was coming towards them.

"It's a miracle," Gordin whispered. He took off the strap of his weapon and placed it on the ground as he dropped to one knee. Jass followed suit.

* * *

As the guards lead them into the camp Max and Tess watched in wonder as everyone who spotted then froze and knelt on one knee.

"This is weird," Tess whispered to Max.

"Yeah, tell me about it," he agreed.

Everyone around them grew even more mystified when they heard them speak.

"Get me the general," Jass ordered a lieutenant (who was of higher rank than him). "Tell him that the rightful King and Queen of Antar have returned."

To Be Continued...

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