One Of Us
Prologue - by Bandbabe

Author Note: This is an alternate universe fic.
Summary: Michael comes out of his pod to a new world.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot and original characters.

After he came out of his pod he left the chamber with two others, one girl and another boy. They wandered the vast New Mexico desert for hours-until the sun came down and it started to get cold. In the darkness of the night they walked. Some time later they spotted something coming towards them. He would recall the bright lights years afterward. He got scared and let go of her hand. Moments later the others were gone and he was all alone.

The next day he woke up alongside a road. It was midday. Not long after a human picked him up. He remembered the man well. He could not understand him but he knew the man was frustrated and surprised to see an unclothed child in the middle of the desert. The man smelled of grease and smoke. His hair was messy, his face was unshaven and he had dark eyes. The man brought him into a town.

He was brought to a hospital and treated for overexposure to the sun and dehydration. Although he couldn't quite understand what the doctors were saying he began to pick up on certain words in their language. He spent two nights in the hospital. After that he was transferred to an orphanage. Because he could not speak, he was thought to be a mute. He was given a name, Michael. He stayed in a room with 4 other boys.

Life at the orphanage was harsh. The other kids were tough. Michael quickly learned to put on a persona. Three months after arriving at St. August Hope Orphanage, Michael decided he would leave. 2 years later he did just that.

For all intents and purposes he was 9 years old and he had nowhere to go. Months later, he ended up in Meadowland, Nebraska.

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