One Of Us
Part 3 - by Bandbabe

Summary: In this alternative universe fic, Michael meets Nasedo and Tess at a younger age.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot and original characters.
Author's Note: This is the last part of "One Of Us". However, the series will continue with the next story called "If Not Destiny...". It picks up 5 years later.

Part 3

Michael rested on bed and stared at the ceiling. Today had been an interesting day indeed. He knew someone was out there but he didn't expect to actually meet them. Now he didn't know what he going to do. They wanted him to go with them.

Michael sat up. He heard his named called. He went out to the hall to be sure.

"Mikey." It was Mrs. Bowers calling from downstairs. He started downstairs.

"Yes, Ma'am," he said when he reached her.

"Mikey, a friend of yours is here to see you," she informed him.

The girl at the cornfields earlier today was in his living room drinking a glass of water.

"Tessa, what are you doing here?" he asked surprised.

"I need to speak to you."

"Let's step outside," he said they went outside to the porch to talk.

Before she could say anything he asked her how she knew where he lived.

"Timmy Sims," she answered. Michael sighed. Timmy always was a loud mouth.

"Look, I know this all must be a lot to take in right now," she started. Michael nodded. "If I was in your position I wouldn't know what to do. I just wanted to let you know that we're here for you and take your time. You don't have to make any kind of decision right now."

"I don't think Nasedo sees it that way," he responded.

Tessa sighed. "I know he seems stern and unbending," she paused. "Okay he is stern and unbending," she joked. They laughed.

"Have you grown up with him all your life?" Michael asked.

"Yes. He was there when I came out of the pod," she said.

"Pod," he repeated slowly.

"What about you? How did you end up so far away anyways?" Tessa asked him.

"I lived in Hondo, New Mexico for about 2 years," he said. "I was in orphanage. I didn't like it there so I left. I ended up here. The sheriff and his family took me in."

"That's quite a story," she commented.

"I guess it is," Michael said.

"It's getting kind of late. I better go," Tessa said. They both stood up.

Michael got the feeling there was something else she wanted to say but he decided not to force the issue.

"Goodbye Mikey," she said.

"See you later... Tess," he added. Tessa smiled and left. He would never ask her but he knew she came there on her own.

Michael went back inside. He had much to think about. At least now he had some answers.

*  *  *

Later that night lay awake in his bed. He thought of the Bowers. They were wonderful to him and treated him as part of the family. He never really had that before and it was great to be in a place where people actually cared about him. In the orphanage he was treated like a number.

Michael's thoughts came to his other family. How could they leave him to fend for himself? He was angry with them but still he was curious. After 5 years of wondering, here they were. At that moment he made a decision. He had two options. He could stay here in Meadowland, where he knew he would live a good life. The Bowers were nice people with big hearts and he loved this town. His other option was to take a chance with his newfound family. Every since he was young he longed to know the truth. He could live in Meadowland but he knew he could never be fulfilled if he turned his back his alien side.

*  *  *

Tessa heard a knock on the door.

"Mikey, come in," she invited him as she opened the door. She noticed he was carrying a large duffel bag.

"Michael," Nasedo said when he saw him.

"I thought a lot about what you said," Michael began. "And if it's okay I'd like to live with you." He waited nervously for an answer.

Nasedo paused. "Okay. We leave in the morning," he said unceremoniously and went into the next room.

Michael looked at Tess. She shrugged.

"C'mon, you can put your bags over here," she motioned and helped him get situated.

Michael smiled. He knew things would never be the same again.


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