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'Project Eyes' Thrives [posted 4.30.06]

With new web chapters and new members posting on the boards, we are confident we'll have 40 fan chapters site by the feature film release. Remember, web chapters of the novels can be viewed by subject, creator, or in numerical order.

New Edition of Novel Underway [posted 4.16.06]

While "Through The Eyes" is in production as a feature film editors plan to release a new version of the book with images from the movie. The newest edition will be the fourth version of the hit novel since its original publication in 2001.

S. L. Morgan Featured in 'People' Magazine [posted 4.02.06]

S. L. Morgan, best known as the author of the book "Through The Eyes" will be in next month's edition of 'People' Magazine. The writer has an interview in which she talks about the film and what inspires her to write.

Message from the Webmasters! -- [posted 3.16.06]

Hey Eye Fans! Skye here. I just got back from vacationing in Vancouver, BC. My Uncle works on the set of the movie. I actually got to meet some of stars! I have some excellent photos and gossip to share. Look for posts on the message board. I met Donovan Johnson, who plays Doug, and Ryan Cillian, who plays Devon. They are both great guys and very corteous in person. Have a great day!

Model Becomes Lead Actress -- [posted 10.24.05]

Expect to see a familiar face when "Through The Eyes" comes to theaters. Book model Corell Mendoza has been cast as main character, Clara Anderson. Mendoza beat out several well-know actresses for the part including Zoe Saldona, Sanaa Lathan, and Rosario Dawson. So far there is no word on who will play her leading man but public favor leans towards actor Jason Jaffe.

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