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Welcome to Themes.Unlimited
An unofficial Through The Eyes Fan site

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a compilation of questions we've been asked for the last year and half.

Q: What is 'Project Eyes'?

A: Project Eyes is an international fan art collaboration via the World Wide Web. Project Eyes is a collection of websites that each correlate to a chapter in the novel "Through the Eyes" by S. L. Morgan. All sites are made by fans and no one makes a profit off of it. Our goal is to have a total of 40 fan created 'web' chapters by the time the movie version of the book is released (in November 2006). -- Skye

Q: Why do you guys make these sites?

A: Our motivation is artistic expression. "Through the Eyes" touched the majority of us in such a profound way. These web sites are an expression of how it moved us. Aside from that, building these sites is challenging, fun, and a bit competitive. In participating in this project we get to meet and become friends with many fans from around the world. Cool, right? -- Kelle.

Q: How did this project start?

A: What started as a one-shot tribute in the form of a fanlisting caught on like wildfire. My fellow website creator, Skye made a fanlisting design about her favorite chapter in the book. She used text from the book, images, and sounds to convey the essence of the chapter. Fellow fans liked her work and made their own multimedia expressions of chapters from the novel. There are 40 chapters in the book and about half as many fan created web art chapters. -- Kelle

Q: How can I add to this project?

A: The first step is to go to the 'Project Eyes' section (here) and see if the chapter you have in mind is available. Then send us an email explaining you intention to create a site for it and describe what you have in mind. If your chapter idea is approved then build the site. Remember not to use any copyrighted images or else your finished work will not be added. Once you are done with the site, send us the url. If the site is approved, then we will add your site to the listing of chapters. -- Skye

Q: Who runs this site?

A: Glad you asked ;-) Two borderline crazed fans created this site. Skye is a junior in college from Massachusetts. She is also a freelance web designer. Kelle is an Indiana high school upperclassmen and artist. The two met on an entertainment fan message board. Oddly enough, they were talking about a television show called "Degrassi: The Next Generation" and did not fan out they were both fans of "Through the Eyes" until a few weeks later.

Skye and Kelle setup Themes.Unlimited after they learned their favorite book was going to be made into a movie. It was initially just a fan site for the book, anxiously counting down the days until the release of the film in theaters. However, focus shifted to hosting an online collaborative project based on the book after Skye created a web site tribute to Chapter 25, "Out Of Control". -- Skye

Q: What does S. L. Morgan think of this site?

A: That is a very interesting question. So far, we haven't run into any legal problems with 'Project Eyes.' The project has attracted some press and even comparisons to the creation of Linux. However, we haven't heard anything from S. L. Morgan or her publicist or lawyers. So to answer your question, um, we don't know. -- Kelle