Fan Art

I love computer photo software. It's really fun to create stuff. With photo software I have create many works of fan art. I will display some of it here.

Click on the picture to see it full size.


Posters & Banners

Title: banner.jpg
I used this banner for my Popular website. It was on of the first pictures I made for a website.

Title: guyban.jpg

Title: Cj.jpg
I made this while Carmen and Josh were dating (season 1).

Title: Sfa.jpg
This is a banner for my story So Far Away.

Title: desertmt.jpg

Title: fanart1.jpg

Title: love.jpg

Title: sleeping.jpg
I used this one as my wallpaper for awhile. I have a larger version saved on file. If anyone's interested email me.

Title: arrival.jpg
This is the second banner for my fic series "Arrival". I created the background using a program called Terragen. To see the original click here.


Title: connor_chron.jpg
Actor William Gregory Lee is envisioned as Connor, Tess's former boyfriend and Max's rival, in The Connor Chronicles.

Title: Mixmedia.jpg

Title: mtsupport.jpg
I love this Destiny support.

Title: hands.jpg
This is one my favorite fan arts.

Fun Stuff

I was messing around with with a program when I made this:


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