Fic Spoilers

Welcome to the Fic Spoilers section. Readers beware..

What Is Fic Spoilers?

It's not fic with spoilers in it, if that's what you're thinking. Tomato Soup is based on the idea of this site being the online version of my "Tomato Soup" folder on my computer. Staying true to this vision, Fic Spoilers will display stories that I am currently writing.

Being that this page displays works in progess, the stories will change as I write more and edit/revise them. This section will likely be updated more that any other section. Every new story I write will be posted here. Beware because you will read this story before it is added to it's section (Popular, Roswell). That's why it's called fic spoilers.

If you choose to read these works in progress, you must know of one restriction. Stories shown here are storied that haven't reached past part on. For example, part 5 "If Not Destiny..." will not be shown here but a new story like "Brooklyn" will be displayed. I know it's kinda trippy, but I'd rather have it this way.

This page will also harbor fic commentary (talk) that is spoiled. Like a comment about part 6 of "So Far Away". Part 6 isn't posted so I can't put it up on the Fic Talk section yet.

Current Works In Progress... (Roswell)

- Aberration

- Brooklyn

- Control

- Cry For Antar  updated

- Fireworks

- Graduation

- Home

- Just My Imagination?

- Krazy

- Kyle POV [Untitled]

- Shadows Of The Past

- Slide

- The Day After


"Sometimes you have to put your thoughts on paper.."
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Fic Talk - Spoilers

- "The Longest Day", the next story in the "Arrival" series, will take place 3 months after "Arrival" and introduce a new character that will become very important to the series.

- Okay, I have a confession. (I'm sure this will work for the spoiler fic section :-) I started writting under a file called "Cut Scenes (fun stuff)". The basic idea was to write in cut scenes from existing fics, kinda like when scenes are cut from a television episode. Anyway, it morphed to include 'scenes' from upcoming fics. Some fics that have "cut scenes" are "Rest", "Arrival", "The Longest Day" as well as new WIP fics, "Low Brow", "Homecoming", and "Once Upon A Time". Look out for "Cut Scenes" in the Spoiler Fic section soon.

"So Far Away"
I first got the idea for "So Far Away" after watching EOTW. I didn't how they made it seem like Max & Liz were the center of the universe.
- Who Jake is and why he is so important is revealed in chapter 6. (Although if you read "Home" you probably already know..) I have yet to write it, so you guys will have to wait for awhile ;)

"If Not Destiny: One Of Us"
This isn't realy a spoiler, but the series "If Not Destiny..." is very much a Mental Vibe (Michael/Tess) series. Story 1 is pretty much a glorified prologue to the next story, "If Not Destiny..."

- I'm working on an idea for a Zan story. It's not even in story form (I'm writing from to different starting points!) but as soon as it is I'll post it either here or In the Roswell fic section.

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