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Hey. This section is for me to rant about random facts about the fics I have written. I would like to extend this section to questions readers ask me about my stories but first I need feedback. So email me with questions/comments and I'll rant about 'em here.

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Random Musings

- Writing part four of Human was fun. Don't worry people, I swear it's a Rebel fic. Tess should appear in part 5 or 6.

- I finally named my series "Untitled". It's now called Arrival. It has a double meaning. One, arrival is the opposite of departure. Two, Max and Tess have "arrived" to a new place. Well, technology it's not because it's their home world but everything is pretty new to them. Their relationship has arrived in a new place as they learn new things about each other and themselves.

- Undercurrents is the only convential Roswell fic I have ever written. (Although Drifters does feature Max and Liz as a couple) As far as Roswell goes, I'm more of a UC person. My favorite pairings are Max & Tess, Michael & Isabel, and Maria & Brody.

- The Message was originally called "True North". I love the song "True North" and the lyrics are included in the story. When I finished the story I thought the title didn't quite match up so I changed it before posting it on the Rebel Alliance fan fiction board.
  The description of past life Max says he looked exactly like Max except he has larger ears. That's a subtle joke! Jason Behr has really large ears as it is, lol.

- If Not Destiny... series only has the prologue up but it follows up until Michael and Tess meet the others. I'm writing book 2 in the series now. They meet the others and things get kinda crazy. If I mention anymore I'll be going towards Fic Spoilers territory, so I'll shut up. :-)

From She Left In The Middle Of The Night:

"Why would she leave?" Liz asked.

Michael and Isabel both rolled their eyes.

Michael and Isabel rolling their eyes wasn't originally in the story. But I knew since that was a dumb question someone had to respond to it. I think it's suttle but funny. I would roll my eyes too. It's such a Liz comment, LOL, because sometimes she says stuff that's kinda na´ve.

- I just put up part 3 of Human. I swear I'm a Rebel! You'll see the Rebelism in future installments.

So Far Away Chronicles

The series "So Far Away" (1.
Untitled, 2. The Chase, 3. Great Expectations, 4. Beginnings, 5. Truth, etc..) is truly a labor of love. It's my favorite story. Each chapter takes a month to plan, write, revise, and revise, LOL. But I think it's an awesome story with many twists and turns in the future. I wrote this awhile ago but it was bordering on fic spoilerish. Now that chapter 3 has been posted, here's more of this too long author's note.

More about SFA:

- Chapter 1 remains untitled but a good title for it would be "Beautiful Stranger".

- No, the perky waitress isn't Liz (although some people would probably like that.. You know who you are...)

- The UFO Center has a dance floor because I don't know where the kids in Roswell go to dance.

- This convo (from Chapter 3: Great Expectations):

"Good news," Michael said to Max. "Right?" he asked after reading the sullen expression on Max face.
"Yeah," he answered quickly. "Really good news," he added empty. He had a bad feeling about all of this.

Is a role reversal from "Max To Max". (Cliffies should know this!) It's a play on destiny.

- (Chapter 3: Great Expectations)

Maria bit back a laugh. "What are they doing?"
"Shhh," Liz pointed out. "Not so loud."
"You have to admit this is hilarious," Maria said.

This is such a Maria thing to say! I laugh every time I read it.

- I starting writing SFA before "A Roswell Christmas Carol". It takes place during Christmas break, so "So Far Away" veers off into it's own little world.

- It took me 3 weeks to finish the scene where Tess asks Jake if he'd like to dance. (chapter 3: Great Expectations)

- Chapter 4 didn't have many Max scenes. After I wrote the chapter I thought it was missing something. I went back a few weeks later and added some more jealous Max scenes. That's why even when I finish a chapter I hold on to it until it's perfect. That's also with it takes me so long to finish the chapters.

- The conversation between Kyle and Tess before he date was added later. So was the part where Jake meets Kyle. (chapter 4: Beginnings)

The Longest Day Notes

-Written response to a reader:
TLD is part of a series that explores what happens when Max and Tess return to Antar. I never really bought into the idea that as soon as the royals return home everything is instantly better. In my mind, there's over fifty years of unrest and underhand politics. So aside from the major storylines, Darin's birth & Kivar's attack, there's a dark undertone. The ending I think shows hope that despite all of the obstacles Tess and Max can persevere. The significance of the photo at the end is two-fold. First is represents who Max and Tess are now. In addition to Darin they are now a family, who as a whole have different priorities and objectives then each did separately. Second, it represents who they can become. Both the royal family of Antar and just a family unit, neither can be if Tess and Max feed into their personal demons. They first must let go of all that holds them back.
Bandbabe, 1/30/04

- The opening scene of "The Longest Day" is really dark but it shows how rough life has been on Antar since the death of the Royals.

- Writing the doctor scene was really funny. Doctor Tarj is a rather comical character and Max asks some really funny questions because he simply doesn't know better. It also allowed me to explain some of the holes left by the show.

- The scene where Max falls out of bed was in the originally outline but when I wrote it I changed it to Max hitting his head on a low ceiling. But when I did revisions I changed it back because I think Max falling out of bed is funnier.

- A lot of alien locations and cities were mention in this installment (for example, the city of Goan and the province of Tabia). It will all be explained to a further extent in the third story, Magnificent, but I am considering posting a list so that I can clear things up. The Longest Day takes place over a short period of time so I didn't have the chance to comprehensively focus on the geography.

- I had difficulty writing the labor scenes. I was better when writing the action.

- It was fun writing Kavar's scene. I improvised with the description of the hair and eyes but with dull grayish-blue skin, gray eyes, orange hair and beard, and standing over seven feet tall, Kavar appears to be a very formidable foe. (poor Max and Tess..)

- I loved the idea of their first family picture. I had to add that in at the end. Though the day had many extremes it ends good note.

- So you're probably wondering what's next. In story three, Magnificent, you can expect more action, more explanations, more heart-warming moments, and definately more Max and Tess togetherness. I should hope to have story 3 up sooner because unlike The Longest Day, which I promised myself I would post in one part, Magnificent with be divided into various parts. It will also be the longest story in the Arrival Epic thus far.

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