What Is Tomato Soup?

I admit it. Tomato Soup is a strange name for a fan fiction website. I guess its because Tomato Soup really isn't a fan fiction website.

Last year, I was sitting at lunch and I happened to pick up a copy of someone's "Chicken Soup: For The Teenage Soul" book. I really liked the book. Now, it shouldn't be that surprising to all of you that I like to write. I thought writing fictional short stories like those would be a great way to flex my writing muscle. So I created a sub-folder in My Documents called "Tomato Soup".

I decided I was going to write a bunch of stories and show 'em to my friends and fam. However, the idealism that started Tomato Soup was short lived. I only finished two stories and a poem. The "Tomato Soup" folder lay dormant for a couple of months.

Then I discovered fan fiction. I'm not sure when I begun to write fan fiction stories. As a musician I can see the parallels between writing music and writing stories. A musician write music for themselves but they also want to share it with others. So do writers. What I'm trying to say is it's all entertainment. Now visit more of the site!

Here's the original Tomato Soup series:

Boy Friend


Cold (Poem)

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